Global Business Referral Network

People Powered - Technology Driven

Welcome to Global Business Referral Network. We are a membership based international business development firm. We are a people powered, technology driven organization.
All of our clients are assigned a Business Development Manager who is both responsible for your account and compensated based on your sales generated. That is why we are people based. Nothing motivates a real person to make sure you succeed than their own success. A performance based model is best for everyone.
 Our fee schedule is simple and transparent. We charge a percentage of the gross sales as a fee on a declining schedule. No sales, no fees. It also means for your Business Development Manager that no sales generated on your account and they do not earn any money .
Our staff is composed of college graduates predominantly with degrees in Accounting, Economics Finance and Marketing. We also have a small group of Law, Premed and Political Science Majors, they tend to focus on Law, Pharmaceutical sales and Politics. Never forget. Global Business Referral network is not a technology company, we are a company however that uses technology better than most. If electricity disappeared tomorrow, we simply take out our shoe boxes and 3×5 index cards and continue to run our business and continue to grow our clients.